Hey there!

I'm Jaycie, a journalist and archival enthusiast. I have a keen interest in lost media, interviewing people, and documenting things that are in danger of being lost to history. I occasionally do my own game development and 3D environment design as well.

Map Labs Competition Entries


Eight singleplayer levels for Half-Life 2 created in timed competitions. Co-developed with Kimberly Riswick.

Wall Of Voodoo Archive


Extensive database of trivia, lyrics, bootlegs, dates, posters, and releases of L.A. punk band Wall Of Voodoo.

Valve Archive


The Valve Archive is a fan-run repository with over 55 GB of data & media from all of Valve Software's games.

Video Documentaries


Long-form informational & interview format YouTube videos on a variety of topics, mostly related to videogames.

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