Map Labs Competition Entries

Singleplayer levels for Half-Life 2 created with various limitations and time constraints. All levels created by Jaycie Erysdren and Kimberly Riswick unless otherwise credited.

Map Labs is a community-run anthology of level design competitions for Half-Life 2, in the vein of the classic PlanetPhillip "Ville" competitions. Map Labs is run by Chris Weyland, Toki, and WALLe_PL

Anomalous Materials

Half-Life: Abridged

Released: 2019 - 08 - 16
Development Time: 22 days
Place: 2nd

Additional Credits:
Voice of Barney: Joe Wintergreen (@joewintergreen)
Voice of Scientist: Coby Lewin (@ThatComona)

"Definitely the funniest map of the bunch. With custom voice acting and a myriad of comedic moments, as well as a number of easter eggs and endings, this map is golden and absolutely worth a jaunt." — Chris Weyland, Map Labs

"An easter-egg and secret-laden romp that abridges Half-Life 1's first chapter. Gordon slept in today, and there's only six minutes until he's fired. Get suited up and to the test chamber ASAP, even if the world does seem to be conspiring to slow you down." — Dominic Tarason, PC Gamer

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Development Timelapse



Released: 2019 - 09 - 09
Development Time: 4 days
Place: 1st

"This map has everything. Great visuals, fun combat, some light platforming, easter egg dolls that catch everything on fire, tight level design. It's all-around a great map and absolutely deserves winning." — Chris Weyland, Map Labs

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Development Timelapse


Halloween Horror 2: The Darkness

Released: 2019 - 10 - 31
Development Time: 20 days
Place: 3rd

"This map was fantastic! It severely lacked in the horror department, but the atmosphere was insane - the ending was some of the best effects use I've seen in a HL2 map." — Chris Weyland, Map Labs

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Released: 2019 - 12 - 17
Development Time: 24 hours
Place: 6th

Additional Credits:
Voice of Radio Dispatch: Vivian "Capcat" Wren (@capcati)

"Yes, ma'am, package is delivered and secured. I might ask though, why is the package screaming?" — Winterman#9098, Map Labs Discord

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The Grid

Released: 2020 - 02 - 15
Development Time: 31 days
Place: 9th

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