Call Of The West (LP)

Title: Call Of The West
Release Type: LP
First Released: August 1982
Label: I.R.S. Records
Country: US


Track Listing

A1 - Tomorrow
A2 - Lost Weekend
A3 - Factory
A4 - Look At Their Way
A5 - Hands Of Love
A6 - Exercise *
B1 - Mexican Radio
B2 - Spy World
B3 - They Don't Want Me
B4 - On Interstate 15
B5 - Call Of The West

* cassette release only

Track Listing (Test Pressing 1982/07/15)

A1 - Tomorrow
A2 - Lost Weekend
A3 - Look At Their Way
A4 - Secret Room
A5 - Spy World
A6 - Factory
A7 - Hands Of Love
B1 - Mexican Radio
B2 - They Don't Want Me
B3 - Theme From A Bus Depot
B4 - Funzone
B5 - Exercise
B6 - Call Of The West



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Test Pressing 1982/07/15

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