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All Wall Of Voodoo songs, sorted roughly chronologically by release and split between the Stan Ridgway and Andy Prieboy eras of the band. For a complete list of all releases, visit the Discography page.

Wall Of Voodoo (EP)

A1 - Longarm
A2 - The Passenger
B1 - Can't Make Love
B2 - Struggle
B3 - Ring of Fire
B4 - Granma's House

Dark Continent (LP)

A1 - Red Light
A2 - Two Minutes Till Lunch
A3 - Animal Day
A4 - Full Of Tension
A5 - Me And My Dad
A6 - Back In Flesh
B1 - Tse Tse Fly
B2 - Call Box (1-2-3)
B3 - This Way Out
B4 - Good Times
B5 - Crack The Bell

Call Of The West (LP)

A1 - Tomorrow
A2 - Lost Weekend
A3 - Factory
A4 - Look At Their Way
A5 - Hands Of Love
A6 - Exercise *
B1 - Mexican Radio
B2 - Spy World
B3 - They Don't Want Me
B4 - On Interstate 15
B5 - Call Of The West

* cassette release only

Other Tracks

The Morricone Themes
There's Nothing On This Side

Unreleased Tracks

Bongo Beatniks
Dance Of Death
Do The Doink
Invisible Man
Light Your Hair On Fire
Take Me To Your Leader
Test Tube Baby
Untitled Instrumental
End Of An Era
Evil Grins
Fine Line
Grampa's House
The Big Heat

Seven Days In Sammystown (LP)

A1 - Far Side Of Crazy
A2 - Business Of Love
A3 - Faded Love
A4 - Mona
A5 - Room With A View
A6 - Blackboard Sky
B1 - Big City
B2 - Dark As A Dungeon
B3 - Museums
B4 - Tragic Vaudeville
B5 - (Don't Spill My) Courage

Happy Planet (LP)

A1 - Do It Again
A2 - Hollywood The Second Time
A3 - Empty Room
A4 - Chains Of Luck
A5 - When The Lights Go Out
B1a - Love Is A Happy Thing
B1b - Country Of Man
B2 - Joanne
B3 - Elvis Bought Dora A Cadillac
B4 - The Grass Is Greener
B5 - Ain't My Day

Other Tracks

Wrong Way To Hollywood
Back In The Laundromat
Shouldn't Have Given Him A Gun For Christmas

Unreleased Tracks


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