Song Title: Factory
Releases: Call Of The West
Year: 1982
Runtime: 5:33
Vocals: Stan Ridgway
Written By: Wall Of Voodoo



Now I know I had somethin' to say
But the problem is to say something
Oh, you gotta say it

And I still don't remember a thing
Since that funny gas came outta that pipe
next to me I guess they didn't O-K it

Now I remember, did I tell you
Cut my thumb off at the knuckle
On a broken band saw didn't see the belt buckle
Or the blade slip

And I remember when the doctor did it up with a stitch
Funny thing still got a scratch that I can't itch
Where my thumb was

Now I've brought the same piece of chicken in a bag
To work every day for the last 20 years or so
And I really don't mind work assembly line
Got an intercom blastin' the news and the latest on the baseball scores
Come around every Friday well I get a paycheck
I take the same road home that I come to work on
Heck, it's a living

And I've got another factory back home
I got a barbeque, a pink mustang fenders chrome
And at nine o'clock I sit there in my chair
And I don't know why I lose my hair
And then I go to / and then I go to / and then I go to sleep

Well I'd like to know what I'm doing when I do it
And I do what I'm doing 'cause I don't know what to do
When I'm not doing it

Sometimes I remember as a boy my father told me
I could grow up to be anything I really wanted to be anything
And every day at lunch I still look for my lost digit
Still got the funny scratch so maybe when I find it I can itch it
And I got a little rubber pool in the backyard
For the kids to wade in

And I... I... I... I I I...
I've got another factory back home
I got a little backyard, pink mustang fenders chrome
At nine o'clock I'm in my chair sat down
Just lately when my wife talks back to me I slap her around
And then I go to / and then I go to / and then I go to sleep


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